Elements of Soil Mechanics - 8th Edition
by Ian Smith
Blackwell Publishing, 2006

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Blackwell Publishing

Welcome to the website that accompanies the previous (8th) Edition of Smith's Elements of Soil Mechanics, published by Blackwell Publishing, 2006.

ISBN 1405133708 Price: £25.99
pdf Excel The site provides the files for download which are indicated throughout the book.

Additional supplementary files are available, including:

  • solutions to the Exercises at the end of each chapter;
  • additional resource for some chapters;
  • specific Eurocode 7 spreadsheets;

Use the menu system across the top to navigate through the site.

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Elements of Soil Mechanics: 8th Edition

Note: You really will need to purchase the book for this site to make sense. The book is the definitive source for all the information - the website only offers supplementary resources.


Ian Smith, December 2005

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