Elements of Soil Mechanics - 8th Edition
by Ian Smith
Blackwell Publishing, 2006

Smith's Elements of Soil Mechanics, 8th Edition
Blackwell Publishing

Welcome to the website that accompanies the 8th Edition of Smith's Elements of Soil Mechanics, published by Blackwell Publishing, 2006.

ISBN 1405133708 Price: £25.99
pdf Excel The site provides the files for download which are indicated throughout the book.

Additional supplementary files are available, including:

  • solutions to the Exercises at the end of each chapter;
  • additional resource for some chapters;
  • specific Eurocode 7 spreadsheets;

Use the menu system across the top to navigate through the site.

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Elements of Soil Mechanics: 8th Edition

Note: You really will need to purchase the book for this site to make sense. The book is the definitive source for all the information - the website only offers supplementary resources.


Ian Smith, December 2005

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